Lesions on presentation

Lesions on presentation

Recently  (January 2012)I saw a six year old Staffy bitch with well demarcated ulcers underlying pustular crusts on the trunk and legs, which, on the basis of the history, examination and cytology, I tentatively diagnosed as sterile pyogranulomatous dermatitis.

Sterile pyogranulomatous dermatitis is an aberrant immune response to almost any antigen (drugs, diet, infectious agents, etc).   It is a treatable condition; and correct diagnosis is (as always) the key to treatment.

The dog has previous history of allergies, but he had not had any signs of them for about 3 years; however, the condition had started about 3 weeks after administration of a worming tablet. It was not particularly itchy. 

Lesions resolved after 4 weeks of treatment

She was started immediately on treatment, based on the tentative diagnosis (made on history, clinical signs and cytology); and I am happy to say that she has responded well and the lesions have now resolved.   In this case I think it is likely that the wormer was the trigger.

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.    Anita